Poet Jane Hirshfield said "... the feeling I have about poem-writing (is) that it is always an exploration, of discovering something I didn't already know.  Who I am shifts from moment to moment, year to year.  What I can perceive does as well.  A new poem peers into mystery, into whatever lies just beyond the edge of knowable ground."

I bring a different poem to the writing classes each week, not only to inspire but to introduce new poets to the group members.

Work by Jan Zwicky

On Tuesdays,
we would drive into the town.
Small town, long drive. Sometimes,
there might be something wrong,
a machine part broken or a twitchy
tooth. But mostly we just picked up
tea and flour and the mail. For the work
was on us then; we needed
next to nothing: work
like a spell of good weather
you know is going to hold, that mix
of surprise and deep contentment
in the morning when you draw the blinds:
of course. Something about
the arc of destination, its
updraft of light: work carries us
the way love can, but with
less sorrow. That whole summer
I wore mismatched laces in my boots,
one red, one white, because I knew
no order could improve upon
the one that gripped me: the world
unrolling like a field of daisies
in July, the truckbox full of tinned beans,
bread and beer, the road
tireless in its rise along the cutbank,
seared cries of the cicadas,
the dust, the heat.

~ from Robinson's Crossing (Brick Books, 2004)

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