Poet Jane Hirshfield said "... the feeling I have about poem-writing (is) that it is always an exploration, of discovering something I didn't already know.  Who I am shifts from moment to moment, year to year.  What I can perceive does as well.  A new poem peers into mystery, into whatever lies just beyond the edge of knowable ground."

I bring a different poem to the writing classes each week, not only to inspire but to introduce new poets to the group members.

Commentary Inflection: Invented Form by Jane Hirshfield

I received a letter requesting that I invent a form, a task
you will think should be easy, but
it was not.  The request simmered, month by month, half forgotten.
We have an agreement, the muse and I,
you see, about requests:
they have to come from her, or else be like
  those winter flies suddenly slow and loud in a house
  whose doors and window have been long closed and locked.
  When the owners return, in spring, the small, dark bodies
  evidence that something always happens.
  Even when there is nothing, something happens.

As with love.  "Not here, not now," the heart protests.
Then the evidence: irrefutable, the low buzzing.

~ from Given Sugar, Given Salt (HarperCollins Publishers, 2001)

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