There is only one journey. Going inside yourself.
~ Rilke

Since March 2020, given Covid-19, all moving pen classes take place via Zoom.  You needn't be in Toronto now to join us! 
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'Sharon uses a foolproof method: you write. Your pen never leaves the
page. There is no time to judge, no time to critique. You just keep
going. The results are funny, profound, brilliant, inane,
imaginative and unimaginable!' 
~ Jo-Ann Phillips, CEO Hire Vision, Broadcaster

Learn to tap the ground waters of your creativity, and free yourself to write in an uninhibited manner.  Give your muse the attention s/he deserves by attending weekly sessions of the moving pen with Sharon Singer.

What happens in a moving pen writing group?

We participate together, writing on provided prompts while keeping the pen moving, for a designated period of time. Then, without editing, we read to one another. Writing, listening, being heard... these facets create a powerful alchemy that in turn support both the creative process and personal growth.

Writing practice moves us through the whole gamut: hilarity, emptiness, boredom, delight, fear, mud … increasing access to the imagination. Through ‘writing immersion’ we uncover the power of plunging into uncensored inner voices, away from the restrictive demands of ego.

Using the pen to mine our experiences, thoughts and feelings, we encounter new ways to look closely at them, and to support their vital expression. The process carries us into raw unperfected ground, where the unexpected often surprises, as we dig in the soil and learn to sense the root/route.

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